CPAP Machine – To Rent Or to Purchase?

The decision to rent or to purchase a CPAP machine is one that should be carefully considered. Keep in mind that either one will involve money on your part, which you may or may not be able to afford at present.

Still, you cannot deny the imperative need for a CPAP unit to lessen the severity and frequency of your sleep apnea symptoms. You want to be able to sleep more and sleep well, which should also benefit your family and friends in more ways than one.

And so the question remains: Should you rent or purchase the CPAP machine? Well, the answer depends on many factors as discussed below. CPAP Cushions

Health Considerations

Well, of course, there is no question as to the imperative need for the CPAP unit in your life. You will notice the improvements in your health sooner than later, of which restful sleep is the most notable. In turn, you should also enjoy better stress management, better outlook on life and better relationships.

So, how does the decision to rent or purchase the CPAP unit come in, health-wise? Well, sleep apnea comes in three types – obstructive, central and complex. Each of these types of sleep apnea require varying modes of treatment in medications, lifestyle changes, breathing devices like the CPAP machine and even surgery.

Your doctor should be able to assess if you will need the CPAP unit for a short-term basis only or for a long-term period depending on the type of sleep apnea you suffer from. Of course, you will also be evaluated based on your response to medication, lifestyle changes and other adjunct therapy.

Now, if you will need the CPAP unit for a short time only, then it makes sense to just rent it. However, if you will be using it for a longer time, then purchasing it is the right route.

Financial Factors

Let’s face it. The costs of purchase and maintenance of the CPAP machine can run into the hundreds of dollars. Still, the health benefits will be well worth the investment but you may not be able to see it that way, no thanks to the current recession.

After all, you would rather put food onto the table than purchase a device that you have lived without for so long and can continue to live without until the bad times are over. And so, you decide to rent the CPAP unit for shorter periods of time, maybe even borrow it from a close relative who may have lesser or no need for it.

However, if you will consider the fact that without the CPAP machine, you may just die a sudden death in your sleep. Now, your projected savings will be for naught for, indeed, if there is one thing more expensive than living, it is being dead. Or at least, it is very expensive on the ones left behind to take care of the business of death.


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