Mon. May 16th, 2022

If you like taking your dog everywhere with you but worry about the mess that ensures in the car then a hammock or car seat covers may be the answer to your dilemma. Dog hammocks help protect your car’s back seat as well as keeping your dog comfortable and safe while in the car. Your car will remain clean and safe from dog hair and muddy paw prints and you will feel more inclined to taking your best friend on car trips with you.

Another advantage of using a dog hammock or car seat covers is that your car’s upholstery won’t get scratched and scuffed by your dog’s nails. Dogs can’t retract their nails and this can cause serious damage to your car’s back seat, this is especially important if you have leather upholstery. Using a hammock will reduce the risk of your dog getting hurt in the event you slam on the brakes. Your dog will also be protected from the risk of falling between the front and back seats as he will be comfortably cradled in his hammock.

The majority of dog hammocks are available in waterproof fabrics that are also anti-microbial. They come in different sizes and colors and you will be sure to find one that suits your needs. Choosing the right dog hammock can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for; here are a few tips to help you: Size: It is always better to choose a slightly bigger dog hammock than you think you need so as to give your dog adequate space and to prevent him from feeling confined.

Fabric: The material you need depends on where you take your dog and what kind of terrain he walks in. If you take your dog hiking through woodlands and muddy trails then you should consider buying a waterproof hammock. If you take your dog to urban areas or to visit friends then a quilted car seat will do fine. Bilrengøring

Color: Color depends entirely on personal preference as well as the color of your car’s interior upholstery but you should ideally choose darker colors as they won’t show dirt as readily as lighter colored hammocks and car seats and won’t require frequent washing.

Quality: You should choose the quality of your dog hammock depending on what type of dog you have. Some dogs are very well mannered in the car and will sit calmly and quietly, while others will fidget around excitedly. For calm or smaller dogs, a low priced hammock will do the job, but for larger or more turbulent dogs, a more expensive higher quality product may be more appropriate.

Loving your dog and taking him for car rides doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the cleanliness of your car. A dog hammock will keep your car clean, fresh smelling and hair free without you having to keep your dog at home

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