Fri. May 13th, 2022

Well, over the years I’ve heard more than one person suggest that stationary bike exercise would be a smart play for human colonists on off world planets. Chances are the first colonies we secure will be on the moon or Mars. Each one has less gravity dwell than here on Earth. This means that your bones and muscles will suffer with atrophy. One way to overcome this is through constant exercise. Of course if you are exercising more, you will be expending energy, and therefore you need to eat more, and get a higher calorie count to survive. สล็อต

Since energy will be very important to a space colony, maybe the stationary bikes might be a good way to power up some electricity. Also it might become a very good sport, there probably won’t be enough space to do bicycle racing, but if each one of the stationary bikes worked as a slot car racing device. Those who peddle the fastest could go around the track at a faster clip, even if it were quite small. This way there could be a little competition amongst your other space colonists, and together all of you would be producing enough energy to help power up the lights, or computer system within.

Further, you would be doing your bones and muscles quite a bit of good keeping up your health, and all of that human energy wouldn’t go to waste. Waste is something that just is not going to be feasible to maintain a sustainable environment in a space colony. Such a system could also be implemented in some form or another for the ten-month space trip to get to Mars. The last thing you’d want is to have new arrivals of human colonists who were sickly when they got there, that could cause havoc for those who were already living in the facilities there.

Again, space is even more limited in a space capsule on its way to the red planet, someone needs to devise a very easy to use system, even if it just went around the inside of the circumference of the tubular spacecraft module. Yes, it might be boring racing around in circles, but add in a little competition, and it might also be fun. What else are you going to do for ten-month; play cards? You’d have to hold onto them, or they’d float away. Indeed I hope you will please consider some of these things, and you may shoot me an e-mail if you have any better ideas.

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