Send Text Messages Free – 5 No Registration Free SMS Sites

Everyone loves to send text messages free. Oh yes! But “oh no!” when it comes to having to register to use that ‘send gratis SMS’ website, I hear you say.

Hmm, now whilst registering to use a free text messaging service has many advantages, namely:

* Such SMS services come with address book (so you don’t have to remember numbers all the time)
* Such services often give you free SMS text message delivery reports
* Such ‘free web SMS’ registration required services stop people from sending abusive SMS messages (as the SMS can be easily traced)

…Sometimes, just sometimes, you just want to use a free texting service where YOU DON’T HAVE TO REGISTER…

Am I right, or am I right?

So let me share with you 5 such free SMS sites where registration is not required, and I will quickly review each site, too:

1. – works for UK only 문자발송

Simple to use ‘text message from computer’ service with no registration required (naturally). Also, there is no limit on the amount of free texts you can send. Yes, each SMS you send has the web address of, but that’s a good anti-abuse measure I believe, and a price worth paying (so to speak) for this great service.

2. – works worldwide

This service works for over 200 countries. Txts can only be 160 characters, though, but you can send unlimited text messages – which is very nice indeed.

3. – works for USA

Another recommended registration not required SMS text website is TextYourBuddy. This allows you to send text messages free to the US – with a message length of up to 255 characters.

4. – works for China

A free messaging service that works for China is rare indeed, let alone one that doesn’t ask you to register like The website logs your ip address, thankfully, to prevent spam and the sending of abusive messages.

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