Thu. May 12th, 2022

I’m not sure about angels singing, although I am sure there are people around who would swear they actually heard an angel sing. I cannot argue with that. I have had a few angelic visits in my life, and on one or two occasions I can say that an angel actually telepathically did speak to me. However, the angel spoke, not sang. But I want to stress that what I heard was only in my head. I have never heard an angel speak or sing so that my ears picked it up. Angels are ethereal beings without a physical body, so it is difficult to imagine an angel actually singing or talking. I think the way they most often choose to communicate with us is connected to how effectively they can grab our attention.

Intuition is usually the most common method they use to communicate with us humans. But there are other ways, too, especially if you are not attuned to your intuition. A sign on a building, on a billboard, on the side of a bus, or anywhere, is one method that an angel may utilize. The angel may have another person say something to you that the angel wishes to convey. You might open a book, or a newspaper, or a magazine, and your eyes will fall on a passage that is in direct response to information you were seeking. By the same token, someone on television or on the radio or the Internet may state something that also is in direct response to your need. And, for sure, there may be other methods the angels use to communicate.

I believe most of us, and perhaps even all of us, at one time or another in our lives were responded to by an angel, but we did not realize it. Angels do not necessarily arrive introducing themselves first. They do not state, `Here I am and this is what I want to tell you.’ That is not how it works with ethereal, other-dimensional beings. Their intent is not to promote themselves, and above all, not to interfere with your human business. Neither are they allowed to interfere with your choices. But they can offer comfort, guidance, and help. Speaking of choices, it is we who have total reign as to making choices. Angels do not have as much free reign in this regard as we do, and may not have any power of choice at all.

So, as you can see, the matter of communication between angels and us humans is a delicate matter. But the angels do find ways of responding to our wishes and needs as these arise. I know they can even appear before one’s eyes. My angel did that once, and I’ve read many stories of angels appearing, as well as hearing such stories from others. For sure, the Bible contains a number of such incidents.

I would suggest to the reader that s/he initiate communication with your own angel. Generally, it is up to us to start up a dialogue or relationship with the angels. Don’t worry if you don’t know your angel’s name. That does not matter. [By the way, your angel is usually referred to as a ‘guardian angel.’] In fact, you might want to ask your angel for his/her name, and see if in some manner, that information is offered. Also, I want to add that the gender of your angel is not important either. They really do not have gender. Mostly, be aware that you likely have more than one angel around you, and that they are always listening. They hear you. It does not matter whether you are only thinking or actually talking. You are heard. Perhaps not every last thought is heard; after all, you are entitled to privacy. I know many of us have thoughts we do not want anyone or any thing in the universe to be privy to.

The more you often you initiate conversation, the more likely you will realize angelic responses. You only need to spend five minutes a day doing this. If you wish to communicate longer, that’s fine; but five minutes is sufficient. And please be patient. You may not notice an immediate response. It may take a little while until that occurs, but it definitely will. You also need to train yourself to stay aware for any responses, because sometimes they can be subtle. This is especially true if you have never communicated with your angel before. Staying aware is the key. 3333 angel number meaning

Do not expect bugles blaring and drum rolls. Angels only make themselves known for as long as it takes to say or do what they need to, and then they are gone very quickly. My experience has been that it always happens too fast. Looking back, I deeply wish my angel had hung around for a while longer and told me more. But they do not seem to do that. They swoop down just long enough to say or do what needs saying or doing, and then like a bubble bursting in the air, poof, and they are gone.

I suspect the reason for this is that they are forbidden to interfere with our business and our ability to make choices, as I stated above. If an angel hung around beyond the time it took to respond to a need, perhaps they would then be interfering or influencing us on some level, which is a ‘no-no.’ Most often, their duties mainly consist in lending support, guidance, and comfort; however, there definitely are also times when they intercede on our behalf for safety reasons. Getting back to the matter of whether angels sing… they may well entertain us. They may also entertain each other. I don’t know for sure. But my suspicion is that, in general, they are not allowed to connect with us in such a fashion. Then again, I may be all out of tune in this regard!

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